As Oğuzata Architecture; We aim to create permanent spaces that leave a mark in the construction sector and architecture from a new perspective. Our basic principle is to fulfill the requests of our customers by producing quality but affordable solutions.

By closely following the developments of the 21st century by targeting the management and employees, who do not compromise on accuracy, quality, reduce, self-sacrificing work, achieve customer satisfaction by completing the work economically, technologically and quickly, maintaining the image of a reliable company, not reaching but unreachable, Our quality philosophy is to ensure customer satisfaction by applying all kinds of technological developments, adopting a rational understanding in solutions and a flexible understanding in work.

Our company, which has been serving in Turkey and abroad, has carried its quality understanding abroad, especially in Turkmenistan, since 2008, and has shown its knowledge, correct design and technological competence everywhere.

Our company, which undertakes to meet the needs and conditions of its employers and to provide unconditional employer satisfaction in order to be a leader in the sector, aims at continuous improvement in all its processes with this commitment.