Took the aim of creating high quality places that serve to aims, with a group of expert designers and implication team, high quality, unique and contemporary designs…

As Oguzata Mimarlik; we aim to bring architecture and design adifferent trend, look from a new point of view and leave a trace, create permanent places. Our basic principle is to fulfill our customers' demands by producing high quality but cost effective solutions.

Our Mission and Our Vision

Oguzata İnsaat Mimarlik takes its aim as to deliver the best quality service to you. We are closely following the technological developments in order to produce more modern and contemporary houses, with the team working hard to prepare the environments where you can be happy and peaceful for a lifetime ...

Our company plays an important role in protecting the environmental values while continuing the growth process by using conscious employees in its projects. Respect for business and ethical values is the basic principle of our company. Our goal is to take the right steps in the future by taking part in projects abroad.

Our Quality Policy

To remain our image as a reliable company, by taking the non-accessibles as our target, with following the developments of the 21st century, by applying every technological development, by being rational on solutions and being flexible on our works, our philosophy is to provide customer satisfaction.